Additional PrintSAVE Information

What is PrintSAVE?

PrintSAVE is an all-inclusive approach to managing your document imaging environment under one quarterly payment, offering a host of significant benefits.

PrintSAVE from Comtech enables you to adopt an all-inclusive approach to defining, implementing and managing your document imaging equipment and consumable requirements.  You maintain tight control of costs and make significant savings, typically of 59% or more on your document imaging costs.  And you free up capital budget for more business critical projects.

Why opt for PrintSAVE?

PrintSAVE can help you cut your costs typically by 59% by allowing you to manage the financial impact of document imaging production within your organisation.   It provides you with a unique financing programme and the ability to add additional services and product options for an all-inclusive quarterly fee.  This means that your consumables, on-site services, maintainance and hardware costs can all be covered by a single quarterly payment, helping you to manage resources more effectively and maximise savings.  And because of our unique technology, the total cost may be less than your current consumables bill. 

You can also benefit from:


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