Stop The Spread Of Covid-19 By Cleaning Your Printer Correctly

Health professionals and the government have placed a huge amount of emphasis on the importance of cleaning to prevent the transmission and spread of Covid-19. This means not only washing your hands thoroughly on a regular basis but also cleaning and sanitisig frequently touched areas that could be harbouring the virus.

Regardless of whether you are working from home, or are still able to work from your regular office outside the home – if you are frequently using your printer, or are sharing it with multiple people, you may want to consider the following steps to ensure your printer is free from any nasty germs lurking on its surface:

  • In order to kill Covid-19 germs, cleaning followed by sanitisation is required. This means reducing the visible soiling first so that the disinfectant can do its job effectively.
  • To safely clean your printer, turn the power off at the power point and unplug it.
  • Wipe any physical spills or dirt from the machine using a damp (not wet!) cloth with detergent. DO NOT saturate your printer in water, as it will damage it. Dry with a clean cloth as necessary.
  • Once dry, use an alcohol based disinfectant to kill any remaining germs. Disinfectant wipes can be used that have an alcohol concentration of 60% or more, however, they should not replace the manual cleaning process previously mentioned – they should be used together.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces should be carried out regularly to avoid the transmission of germs.

Add this cleaning procedure to your cleaning regime today!